Things to do in Gilboa

The Galilee is a land of adventure, a land of history, and a land of memories. There are a wealth of incredible things to do right on our doorstep, but if you want to explore more of the Galilee, we are a comfortable drive from most of the major attractions.

With so much choice, we are on hand to advise you and can provide our guests with discount coupons for many major sites.

On Our Doorstep

Gan Hashlosha, just a few minutes from the Gilboa Guest House

Just minutes away from the Gilboa Guest House, Mount Gilboa provides numerous hiking and biking trails, and is famed for its iris reserve, whilst the Harod Spring Nature Reserve contains the second largest natural pool in Israel. A short drive away, the hot pools at Gan Hashlosha, said by some to be the real Garden of Eden, are warm enough to swim in all year round, whilst the ancient city of Beit Sheanis one of the largest archaeological sites in the world, and is particularly impressive at night.

Outdoor and Leisure

We are surrounded by hiking and biking trails both mountainous in Gilboa and Mount Tabor, and through the strikingly flat Jezreel Valley (believed by Christians to be the Valley of the Armageddon). In the Spring, the land surrounding our village are flooded with beautiful wildflowers, notably in the Gilboa Iris Reserve atop Mount Gilboa. During the summer months, the springs and lakes we are surrounded by become incredibly attractive ways to escape the summer-heat, whilst in the fall months, our region is an important area for migrating birds and each year we host guests who come to watch.

The Jezreel Valley as seen from Mount Gilboa

The Jezreel Valley as seen from Mount Gilboa

For those looking for a memorable experience, we highly recommend jeep tours either at day or night, whilst hot air balloons are flown from the fields of Gidona every day, and at the festival of Sukkot each fall, a major festival takes place near the village. The Ski Gilboa dry-ski slope is incredibly fun for families, and tens of other outdoor pursuits are possible in the region. 

History and Culture

Just a short distance away, the amazing city of Nazareth, believed by Christians to be the hometown of Jesus Christ, is fascinating to explore with its beautiful Old Town, authentic Arab Shuk, and the magnificent Church of the Annuciation. The Sea of Galilee is about 30 minutes away, as is the Jordan River and the famous city of Tiberias. We are also a good base for exploring Haifa, Israel’s third city (about 45 minutes away), as well as numerous archaeological sites and historic towns including Safed, Zippori, and Tel Jezreel.  Also in the areaa are major pilgrimage sites for Christians including Cana, Capernaum, the Mount of Beatitudes, the Church of the Multiplication, Church of the and Primacy of St Peter.

Off Road Jeep Adventures

Jeep tours are a great way to explore the Gilboa area

Our beautiful region is full of unexpected surprises. Little streams running through passes, challenging terrain and striking flatness. By road you can only get a limited impression of the region. By jeep, you can explore the nature and history of the region up close, see the birds who migrate through twice a year, the iconic plants who flourish here, combined with a fun and memorable off-road driving experience.